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Long term training plans

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Long term training plans Empty Long term training plans

Post  scottk Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:11 pm

Guys, We have 3 months until the British finals and then 3 months until the Scottish finals. In between there is the Scottish bouldering final in May and for the older ones there is the High Schools competition in April.

Now is the time to plan your schedule so you are peaking for the finals. There will be training plans coming out shortly and we could use these as a 3 month plan and then start again so you are peaking for the British and then the Scottish.

Everybody needs to set themselves a goal-what do you want to achieve and a timescale. Remember to allow yourself time off for holidays, exams etc. The training plan is to help you and you can tweak it to suit yourself.

Good luck and work hard. Remember to have fun!!


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